[Pack of 10] Arum Angled Screw No.4


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[Raw Material]
Ti 6AI-4V ELI (Grade 5)
Supplied by Germany

*Compatible with
Adin® Closefit™ - 3.5
Anthogyr® Axiom
Astra Tech™ OsseoSpeed™ TX - Aqua
Astra Tech™ OsseoSpeed™ EV - 3.6
Dentium NR Line -NR
Dentium NR Line -NR 3.6
Euroteknika™ Internal®
Implant Direct® Legacy™ - 3.0
Megagen® EZ Plus - Mini
Neoss® - 3.25
Nobel Biocare® Active™ - NP
Nobel Biocare® Branemark® - NP
Osstem® US - Mini 3.5
Thommen Medical SPI 4.0/4.5
Zimmer® Eztetic 3.1

Screws for definitive use.
Made from medical grade 5 ELI Titanium Integrity and soundness guaranteed by stress tests of up to 150% of their nominal torques.
Their designs ensure a perfect fit with both the standard accessories as well as with special CAD/CAM systems for structures, bridges and custom abutments, bridges, bars and so on.

Approved by CE, ISO 9001, ISO 13485